CTLA was already a well established company in East Sussex, which presented its own challenge.

CTLA are an award-winning charity with over twenty years of experience transporting the community. But how do you go about targeting a new audience without alienating existing users? The familiar blue ‘CTLA’ on the front of the white buses was well known and recognisable to residents around East Sussex. So, when asked to develop a new identity for the company, we decided to build upon that existing brand recognition.

By keeping the design and imagery simple but fun, we ensured the brand would be bold and recognisable.

Joining the familiar but updated ‘CTLA’ logo with bold and bright imagery, meant people would associate both sides of the brand with the company.

The new brand would be applied to a range of mediums, from stationary to the buses themselves.

From a business card to the side of a bus, the logo and imagery needed to be bold, recognisable and readable at all sizes. The established ‘CTLA Blue’ was carried over from their existing iconography, and used throughout the new imagery, ensuring continuity from the old to new.

A key element of the rebrand was to reach a new audience.

Whilst CTLA provides an invaluable service to their existing users, our aim was to reach new users who were unaware of CTLAs incredible work and accessibility they could provide. The logo and bold imagery highlighted that the service is for a variety of people with different requirements. The colourful illustrations brought a fresh new look to the company, but keeping the recognised blue typography ensured the company were not going to forget about their existing users.

The accompanying new website would integrate the brand throughout.

Friendliness, general ease of use and information being readily available were our focus creating the new website. A simple menu meant users could find and reach the 4 main services quickly and easily, while the fun, colourful imagery kept the content engaging.


CTLA’s mission is to meet the needs that public transport leaves unmet.

We were very happy to work with them on the project, combining new bold branding with their name, ensuring they will serve the community for many more years to come.

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