TSG® provide public safety and crime prevention solutions to a variety of different organisations, covering anything from private events to festivals.

They needed a brand which demonstrated their open and friendly approach to public safety, whilst remaining a reassuring alternative to the Police force.

It was key for the logo and brand to reflect the focus TSG place on public safety and crime prevention, and the reassurance they provide.

Having 3 letters to work with gave us the opportunity to use the logo strengthen the company’s message. Specifically, the ‘S’ acts as a barrier between the ‘T’ and ‘G’, protecting or breaking up the letters either side.

Having decided on the arrangement of the logo, it was important to use a colour palette which underlined the company’s values.

Green and black were used to represent the company uniform. The hi-vis green acts as the block between the outside letters, illustrating the company’s focus on public safety and crime prevention. The black letters can also be changed to white for use across various materials, whilst the green remains to separate the other letters.

TSG’s website would further emphasise their ethos by showing their offices and team at the forefront of the action.

The logo would be consistently featured throughout the site, directing attention to the side menu and useful links, where users could find promotional videos, downloadable brochures and the latest news.


Perception and reputation is highly important for a company like TSG who provide a vital security service to clients.

Producing branding which reflected this was a unique and rewarding challenge, and this is shown in the finished brand.

We are confident that the result of this project has the longevity and brand strength to support TSG’s growth and aid towards commercial success.

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