The University of Sussex asked us to work with their UX Manager to create a new design for their course pages.

The course pages of the website are the main focus of user traffic and are imperative to the university’s online success. Potential students need to access important information about courses with ease and the university needs to make the courses as attractive as possible while communicating key points.

Madison Solutions has years of experience delivering websites that have a strong visual style while clearly communicating needed information through best practises of UX design.

Using features we have perfected, and emerging methods of communication, the project was delivered swiftly and before the deadline.

The University of Sussex’s brand was created by the acclaimed Pentagram Design, we felt that by bringing integrating style cues from the brand guidelines into sections of the page it would strengthen brand consistency and cleverly illustrate content in an engaging manner.

Pentagram chose to centralise text, inspired by the first University prospectus, and this arrangement suited particular sections of content that brought out the message while not being to cluttered.

It was important to showcase the university’s assets through the high quality photography, this lent itself to full width images being integrated with content.

It was important for the mobile and tablet layout to serve the same integral content while not loosing the style and appeal of the desktop site.

We are confident that the result of this project has the longevity, composition layout and design to successfully serve much needed content to users while selling the strengths of the university to potential students.

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