Write Arm’s mission is to “work with words to make your life easier, whether you want to sell, educate, inspire or amuse”.

They are a rapidly growing copywriting agency with a zeal for creating exciting and fresh work. The agency’s ethos is fun, modern and bold, and this shines through in their work. The brief was to create a brand that represents these qualities.

The typeface Aktiv Grotesk, which is well known for its legibility, has been used as a foundation for the logo. The ‘W’ and ‘A’ letter forms have been edited and adapted to create a balanced logo mark.

We refabricated the ‘W’ using the letter ‘A’ as the base. Reflecting the forms of the letter ‘A’ in the ‘W’ supports the mirroring of both letters and bonds the two words together, creating a strong title.

Having established a professional, contemporary, bold title it was essential to introduce the agency’s ethos of fun and enthusiasm into the logo.

We created a colour palette made up of various muted, yet clear, hues. These colours have been used to form the glyph and punctuation in the logo. The colours are not fixed and can be changed, allowing the logo to be lively and memorable.

The brand’s colour palette is used across marketing materials and stationary. By using blocks of colour to divide the artwork, it reflects the form of chapters in a book.

The muted colour palette works very well with print as well as on-screen mediums. The combination of the muted black contrasted with the vibrant colour is the backdrop of Write Arm’s corporate identity.

Matt is great to work with. He has a calm, easy manner, is very knowledgeable and gets results.

- John Ashton


Founder and Owner of Write Arm and Freedom of Information Ltd

Copywriting for websites is a big part of what Write Arm does so naturally the website has to stand head and shoulders above the competition, as well as being innovative and engaging.

The concept for the website uses the central divide of colour to create the connotation of a book, and traditional means of writing. The functionality works fluidly with the diverse colour palette and is focused around the bold typography, creating a contemporary and striking appearance.

Maintaining the websites look, feel and concept across all devices was key. The lack of width was an opportunity to use the concept in an innovative way.

The mobile site functionality denotes the book concept in a different manner. The typography is still a focal point for navigation and maintains the smooth transition effects. Overall the website design and development embodies the exciting and contemporary look and feel of the brand.

We are confident that the result of this project has the longevity and brand strength to support Write Arm’s growth and help the agency stand out and be remembered.

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