Developers: here’s how find your place in the heart of Brighton’s digital hub.

This is the best advice you will ever get as a talented developer looking for work in Brighton.
And it’s so simple yet so effective.

working hard not smart
You need to stop working hard and start working smart.

Where’s the sand?

The Sahara desert doesn’t have too much in common with Brighton: for a start it’s got sand which we’ll have to wait a fair few millennia for.

But maybe Brighton developers could learn something from this Saharan tale.

A man stands in the parched centre of the desert. He looks at the sky, squinting as his eyes pass over the burning intensity of the sun. He looks to the left, gazes to the right and then frantically turns and scans behind him. A cry of despair escapes him: Where is all the bloody sand in this desert!

Brighton Pier

If you are a developer who has been trawling the adverts hoping to reel a job in, staying alert to every notification from Wired Sussex or signing on with recruitment agencies to try and make a name for yourself, then you too may have felt this despair.

Where are all the developer’s jobs in Brighton? Isn’t this supposed to be a digital hub?

But roles are all around you, just like the Sahara is not short of sand.

It’s just that you are looking in all the wrong places.

Brighton’s digital hub

At more than three times the national average, Brighton has the highest density of digital companies in the UK.

And that’s a fact.

Here’s Jon Pratty, Chairman of the Brighton Digital Festival:

Cities grow where materials and commodities for growth are plentiful, and digital clusters are shaped by the same things. Brighton has one of the fastest growing rates of small business startups in the UK, and a formidably innovative creative digital sector.

There is no shortage of dream roles for you in Brighton. They are here, there and everywhere.

You just need to approach your search a bit smarter.

The old school

Jobs do get advertised and projects and posts regularly crop up on Wired Sussex. There are likewise some fine local recruitment agencies specialising in the digital sector who will go all out to help you secure a role.

But here’s the thing:

Estimates suggest that around 60% or more of jobs aren’t advertised, so if you only apply for advertised jobs, you’re missing out.

This is not a wild estimate. It comes from the government’s own career service website. What’s more it probably woefully underestimates the size of the hidden job market in Brighton.

Brighton is a small place. Digital folk are, by their very nature, innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and nifty networkers.

So, when we need an exciting developer role filling, what do we do?

Do we start repeating in a monotone “I must place an ad” or “I need a recruitment agency?”


Of course not!

We ask around, we use social media and we call up a few of those enticing speculative email shots that we have been keeping in check for just such an occasion.

Searching smart

So, if you can’t see the sand in the desert, or land that developer’s role in Brighton, our advice is to get smart.

Start close to home by checking just how many relevant contacts you have in your extended network on LinkedIn.

Next get out there at networking events and digital pow wows. (There’s no shortage of them.)

But, the best thing you can do is start with your dream.

  • Find the startups, agencies and established businesses that excite you
  • Do your research
  • Make your pitch

And make it a strong one.

You are applying for a creative role here so forget the boring resume and go for an online portfolio that will knock their socks off.

The job offers, we promise, will follow hard on those barefoot heels.

And we know because this is how we find and recruit talent.

So if you want an easy place to start…

Please don’t wait for us to advertise!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch!