With the graduation celebrations fizzling into the dreaded job search, our very own graduate, Daniel Card, shares his post-uni experience and how he came to work for us.

“A couple of years ago, I proudly left university with a degree in computing but the unenviable task of finding a job. The marketplace was unforgiving, ‘experience’ was the buzzword regardless of industry and feedback from applications was always, ultimately, “lack of experience”: a true chicken-and-egg situation.”

“My lucky break happened in a rather unusual fashion; having scoured a host of job sites for potential vacancies I found myself applying for jobs advertised on the Friday-Ad’s website. Whilst applying for another job, a “Junior Web Developer” vacancy at (then) Madison Solutions appeared at the bottom of the page. Interested by the job title; I clicked on it and applied; within 14 days I had not only an interview but an invitation to accept the job!”

“My advice to potential graduates in computing? Be prepared to start at the bottom; in this industry experience is paramount and you can’t gain experience from aiming at those high-flying developer jobs. Don’t under-estimate your abilities though and in the right circumstances, be prepared to show off. Madison Web Solutions have offered me both, allowing me to grow into a more responsible role very quickly and hone my programming skills in a business environment. Everyone at the company is great, there’s always a good atmosphere in the office, and there are some really exciting times ahead for us as we continue to grow.”

If you want to build a career with a growing and caring web agency I am sure you now know what to do…

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