How not to sell

Let’s imagine you own an electronics shop.

Now let’s picture a customer strolling up to one of your sales staff and announcing they want to buy a camera.

You’d expect your salesperson to lead them immediately to the camera section of the store, trying to find out what sort of camera it was the customer was interested in as they did so.

Try and picture your response, however, if they took the customer to the front door of your shop and said something like: “We sell all kinds of electronics – maybe you can find the camera section by following the overhead signs”.

My guess is you’d be none too happy.

Why your home page is not a great place to sell from

If you are using AdWords and directing your traffic to your home page you are actually behaving like this imaginary salesperson.

Your website’s home page is one of the worst places you can lead your visitors too.

Why? Simply because people are inherently lazy.

The more difficult you make it for them to find the information, service or product that they want, the more likely they will simply decide to go somewhere with less hoops to jump through.

That means less leads and less sales, obviously.

Yet it also means more expensive PPC adverts.

This may not be so obvious, but Google, in effect, lowers your AdRank and makes you pay more for your positions if it thinks your landing page is not relevant or offering a satisfactory experience to visitors.

Here’s what the Big G says:

“Your landing page experience affects your advertising costs.

Landing pages are a bit like cars – make sure that they’re tuned-up properly, and you’ll probably get better performance and savings out of them further down the road.

Get more mileage out of your landing page by making it easier for visitors to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or do other things that you want them to do on your website.”

If you think about it, it’s sound advice.

Why wouldn’t you make it easier for visitors you pay to get to your site to actually do what you want them to?

Providing a sweeter home

Your home page, and let’s be honest here, sucks as a landing page for your paid visitors. It is just not targeted enough.may be true that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. All the same you can at least clearly indicate to the horse what you would like it to do.

Making sure that you give clear ‘do this’ signals is all about stripping away other signals and distractions. That way it is clear that this here water is for drinking, this here mailing list is for signing up to and this is here camera can be purchased today at a very special price.

• It is this stripping away that makes a good landing page.
• A generic home page is a different beast altogether.
• In an ideal world you would have a uniquely designed landing page for every AdGroup in your AdWords account.

That way you can really target your pages and then you will get results.

If this has left you thirsty to find out more you can take another gulp of the refreshing water at this rather neat guide to landing pages. Or, you can pick up the phone and we can chat through how you could design more effective pages that not only bring those horses to the lake but get them to drink as well.

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