Two years ago google added a label for sites that are mobile friendly in their search results. This mobile friendly label would help users find pages that were easily digested on mobile devices with appropriate sized text and correctly working tap buttons. According to Google research 85% of all pages in the search results on mobile have this label.


Despite this label some of these sites aren’t truly mobile-friendly because of devious things like intrusive interstitials. These interstitials don’t stop the Google mobile-friendly label but they do block the content on the page. Covering up the content with annoying stuff such as adverts and fake buttons.

With the Google changes coming in they will cause these intrusive interstitials to lower the search rankings of any sites featuring them. The kind of interstitials that will be caught with these changes include:

  • A pop-up that covers the content immediately on opening the page.
  • A stand-alone interstitial that the user has to dismiss before seeing the page.

Mobile Searching 2

If interstitials are done correctly however they won’t be affected by the changes.
Some examples of correct interstitials are:

  • Legally obligated ones, such as for cookies or age verification.
  • Login dialogs for non public access sites.
  • Easily dismissible banners that are reasonably sized.

Of course even without these good interstitials some sites can be high ranking because of their sheer amount of relevant content despite it being hidden from the user.

Well presented interstitials

  • For cookie usage
  • Logins for non-public content
  • Small easily dismissible
  • Age verification


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