It’s a challenge isn’t it?

AdWords gives you the power of the Google Search Network at your feet and then allows you just 25 characters for a killer headline that gets everyone’s attention.

Here are six simple ways you can make those headlines start to really work for you.

1. Testing times

The best way to decide which headlines work is to actually find out. Obvious really, isn’t it?

You should always run tests on your ad headlines, comparing the performance of one against another.

So what should you test?

2. Searching answers

This is one that you should always run as part of your test.

It’s a simple little trick: simply place the search term that triggered your ad as the headline.

Why does it work? A person who searched for ‘blue baby accessories’ is drawn to ads that echo this back.

It’s called dynamic keyword insertion and you can learn how to do it in less than a minute here.

3. I’m Spartacus

Dynamic keyword solution has a problem, however.

The problem is exactly the same as that faced by the poor Romans faced when everyone stood up declaring themselves to be Spartacus.

For instance, on a search for ‘last minute holidays’ would any of these ads jump out at you?
Example AdWords Adverts
If everyone in your ad space is getting dynamic the benefits come to a standstill.

So let’s do something different.

4. Are you Spartacus?

That question mark can really make a difference.

Questions are incredibly powerful in ad headlines – and they are also underused, so you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Can you see what I mean?

• Last Minute Holiday
• Last Minute Holiday
• Last Minute Holiday?
• Last Minute Holiday
• Need a Cheap Break?

5. Providing answers

An advertiser’s job is not to sell a mattress. Their job is to sell a good night’s sleep.

That’s why headlines that offer solutions work, but they are a bit tricky to create. In just 25 characters you need to state a problem and overcome it.


But it can be done.

Here are a few ad headlines for an orthopaedic mattress (that sell a good night’s sleep).

• Bad back? Problem solved.
• Get some Zs with Doze®
• Sleep secrets revealed

6. You can quote me on this

Talking of solutions – here is an ad headline trick that is so simple it hurts.

1. Take your headline
2. Now locate the quotation mark symbol on your keyboard
3. Place one at the start of your headline…
4. … and place one at the end

Now put it to the test – you should find your “quote” performs better than your original.

In part it works because your ad stands out.  Just as that question mark sets you apart, so do the quotation marks.

• It really works
• “It really works”

It also works psychologically as well as visually. An unsubstantiated statement suddenly appears to be a glowing testimonial.

“That’s amazing!”

Is the proof in the pudding

So there you are: six ways to test and improve your AdWords headings.

Which ones will work for you?

“The proof is in the testing.”

Give us a shout if these tips work for you or if you have any other ideas for AdWords headlines. Don’t be shy – share them with us and together we’ll dominate the paid search positions!

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