What Exactly Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a clever tactic used by advertisers that as the name suggests re-targets a customer who previously visited their site or partially completed a purchase. These ads will appear across the rest of the internet to keep displaying the product or brand to the customer.

These Remarketing ads appear as text ads displayed on the side of pages or images in ad slots on websites, these ads can be extremely useful during long sales processes or around seasonal times when there is a lot of competition.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Now, this is surprisingly easy to understand, all a Remarketing advert does is place a cookie in the users browsers cache when they navigate to the website, this cookie will then tell the browser that it can display a Remarketing advert in an advert slot on other websites on the internet.

Of course this tactic has more control built into it than that, when setting up a Remarketing campaign there is control over a variety of features. Starting with cookie period, which is the amount of time that a cookie will stay in the Remarketing list. There can be limits set on the impressions that the Remarketing ad can generate the amount of people that can see the ad per day and certain websites which may not be relevant to the advert.

Why Does Remarketing Work?

The philosophy that Remarketing works on is brand awareness; this is the effect that brands can have on people by exposing the brand to customers often. The more that someone sees a brand subconsciously they begin to trust it more and develop a connection to the brand.

This subconscious trust helps to confirm to the customer that they should buy from a certain provider and these Remarketing adverts will build this by appearing on the web as customers browse the web.

Why Should You Get Remarketing?

Remarketing campaigns give a remarkable return on the investment required. Remarketing runs with a pay per click system; which in turn drives traffic to the desired landings pages on the website. When the user reaches here it greatly increases the conversion rate of the websites visitors.

Once a Remarketing campaign is setup it will run around the clock and around the world so there’s global exposure 24/7, gaining brand awareness and driving sales.

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