Most marketers expect to rely heavily on online video in the coming months and years, and most businesses are considering it as well.

Here are our 5 top reasons why businesses should use videos for marketing:

Videos humanize your website
Showing your personality on your website is an opportunity to build rapport before prospects even make the first phone call. Video gives them the next best thing to a one-to-one meeting with you or someone in your team.

Videos build trust
Word-of-mouth recommendations generate the strongest leads, but written reviews now have a much broader reach thanks to the web and social media. To get the best of both worlds, ask your clients to give video testimonials online: displaying their face and credentials on screen lends even more credibility to the testimonial.

Videos evoke positive emotions
Images have more emotional impact than text or voice alone, especially moving images accompanied by music, and even more if they tell a good story. Video is more likely to give a positive impression of your company and to make that impression last in people’s minds.

Videos showcase products beautifully
A video demonstrating a product or service has more impact than a list of benefits. Our brains just seem to take in and remember more information visually than through text. When showing a product, the ability to embed 3D tags into the footage lets you highlight the important features.

Videos convey information efficiently
A video tutorial is more efficient than a text manual. It keeps your clients happy, as they can quickly figure out how to use your product. This means you save hours of customer support calls. And because viewers know you offer support videos, they are more likely to buy in the first place.

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