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Why Join the Madison Team?

Madison has been in business for 11 years now but we remain owner-operated, and many of the staff have been working here since the early days of the company. It’s a cliche, but we do think of it like family and you could become part of this family.

You will be working on some unique web projects, with clients including banks, NHS partners, government departments, large online retailers as well as charities and local authorities. We also work with local businesses, delivering straight forward web builds, so there are opportunities for developers at all stages of their career.

The team consists of designers, developers and digital marketers. We are based on the South Coast, where we have a comfortable office, just outside Brighton. While covid remains a threat, the whole team are working remotely but will return to the office when we can do so safely.

However the last year has shown us how successful remote working can be. While it’s great to have the team together in the office, we no longer see this as an essential part of everyones’ day to day work life. Several of our developers are now based permanently out of our local area and we are now recruiting nationwide for talented developers that want to work remotely.

As a rule, we work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Sometimes we may do extra hours to support a difficult deadline, but this is optional. You are part of the Madison family but also we respect you should have time with your own family too.

We want everyone to feel like they are part of building something at Madison and that’s why all team members are offered the opportunity to own a piece of the business. After an initial period of employment, you will be able to acquire shares in the company and draw dividends from the company profits.

Outside of work some of the team play games online together, and there’s a D&D party too if that’s your thing. We’re also partial to a bowling night down at Brighton Marina – Some play for glory, others just for a laugh!

I’ve been at Madison for 10 years now. I think the nicest thing about working here is that developers are treated with trust, and respect. There’s an infrastructure to support our work, and a team of other devs you can lean on for help, but you won’t be micromanaged.

This is exemplified by the way the company has adapted to covid. No one is asked to do anything that would endanger their health; working from home has become the “new normal”; and everyone is trusted to get on with delivering their work like they always have done.

It’s also not an overly “corporate” environment. Management are approachable and human; there’s no lofty executives handing down dictats. If I have a problem, I can just ring the MD and have confidence he’ll take what I say on board.

The team have a broad skill set and this is reflected in the variety of work that we take on. We’ve never settled into a niche, so as a developer I find that on every job there’s an opportunity to learn something new.

Richard (Backend Dev)


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