Madison Officially Has Award Winning Ethos

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It’s not every day that we here at Madison get to congratulate ourselves.

Many of you that work with us know that nothing pleases us better than seeing our clients grow and get recognised for their work. If they are happy, then we are happy. But this caring attitude also extends to our staff, where our MD Matt works his socks off to make sure that our employees are treated well, paid fairly and giving a chance to grow as people and as workers.

After years of graft, we are to proud to say that our approach of putting people above profit is reaping rewards, after we received two awards at the Seahaven Business Awards.

Madison At The Seahaven Business Awards

The company has come a long way since our Matt founded it in 2010 while working out of a flat in Brighton. Since then, we have grown from a company that just builds websites into a fully-fledged digital media agency of 12 members of staff. Working with everyone, from big banks to sole traders, the focus is very much on supporting our clients grow – with Madison now covering all aspects from designing and building websites to creating monthly marketing packages to acting as consultants on web security.

While things are going the right direction in terms of the business growing, Matt is really keen to ensure that Madison expands in the right way. That means recruiting well, treating staff even better and constantly thinking of ways in which he can help our clients grow and work together. It can be summed up in the phrase “the rising tide lifts all boats” – meaning that if one individual does well then that’s good news for the wider community. It is this approach which helped Matt win business person of the year at the Seahaven Business Awards. It was this approach which also meant we were runners up in the business of the year category.

Madison Staff and Passions

We also take pride in working with Brighton-based Possibility People to hire a number of people with disabilities. Our belief is that if someone has a talent and it fits with what you want then we will take them on, regardless of any label. All of this is aimed at inspiring loyalty, something which benefits everyone involved. It also gives us more time to fulfill our passions outside of work. For Matt this means more time to run (he’s run three marathons) and restoring old cars (he’s just finished an old Jaguar and next is a pre-war Ford).

As Matt sums up: “We are all a family and we look after each other.”

Thank you for all of the support so far. We look forward to celebrating many more achievements in the future.

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