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Social media can be considered a cornerstone of the internet; becoming the most popular form of visit website – yes, even over those websites. So it’s only natural for businesses to want to make the most of this great resource. However a common misconception, particularly for new businesses, is that if you post a couple of times a week to Facebook then people will flood to your website and buy everything they see. This is simply not the case; the majority of Facebook users view the platform on mobile, so they’re scrolling through the posts. To make a user stop, follow a link away from Facebook and then convert to an actual purchase is a tricky thing to achieve – not impossible, but no simple feat. The aim for any new business will be to spread brand awareness and keep their potential consumers engaged with them. It’s not about selling, it’s about engaging.

Facebook For Businesses

While Facebook campaigning can be a useful tool, it’s important to be aware of the content being put on the platform and how it will be perceived. A light hearted joke interpreted the wrong way can be devastating; especially for a small business. Going viral for the wrong reasons has the potential to kill online sales and traffic to a website. However, don’t let this discourage you, just take the time to learn who your followers are and what is appropriate for that audience. Post regularly and be sure to engage in comments; certainly don’t shy away from negative comments, dealing with criticism well is crucial.

Make the most out of all the available information Facebook natively provides you with; demographics of users, highest potential traffic moments, engagements for each post and more. Facebook insights should be treated a more specific Google Analytics; use it to optimise posts and discover how to make the most out of the platform. This will be a vital part of refining how you post and engage with your audience.

Facebook Business Campaigns

Whether you’re looking to obtain more views, likes or traffic to your website, paid advertising through Facebook is an excellent resource. It will show predictions for what you’ll receive for the money you invest, allowing you to budget and plan accordingly. Flash sales and data collection campaigns are a great opportunity to draw in new customers and get some quick wins.

Announcing on Facebook that there is a 24 hour sale can get a lot of engagement and done correctly; conversions on the website. The risk however is if done too often the sale price will become the expected price and returning customers will be disappointed if they see that, in their minds, the price has gone up. Making customers feel they’re getting an exclusive deal for engaging with you on social media is a powerful tool, but be sure to notify plenty of times when these exclusive deals are available. “If you missed out” – get them returning to the page and checking to see when the next deal is.

Another useful tool is opinion polls and questionnaires; not only can you discover what your audience really wants but in the process you can collect emails and contact information for other forms of marketing and engagement. Facebook can be a real starting point for any marketing campaign; a little investment in time and money could save a lot of both in the future.

Finally; it is important to budget not only the money you invest into Facebook but also time. You may find yourself naturally start to scroll through your feed and valuable time can be lost achieving very little. A way to avoid falling into this trap is to schedule some time to set up and schedule posts throughout the week, turning on engagement notifications and having set times to respond to any engagement each day. For example; if you check emails at 10am and 3pm; log into Facebook too and get all communication done together.

To discuss any Facebook campaigns you want to achieve or if you have a success story you want to share; get in touch and we’ll happily be social about social media!


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