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The world is a big place and the internet is arguably larger; so how does a new or a small business advertise and get their presence known online? In the physical world it’s a case of getting in local articles and advertising spaces and quite often word of mouth. So why does it need to be any different online? A lot of physical advertising and marketing can be transferred to the online marketplace. Most newspapers and localised articles will have a website and a regular email shot to their readers and social media is perfect for getting people to talk about your business. The environment has changed but the people are still people and any business can have a powerful presence in their own corner of the internet.

Establish your online target audience

When starting fresh online you won’t have any data to go on so you’ll need to spend some time discovering who your target audience is. The online target audience may be different to the customer based that has been built offline – it’s a different market with different opportunities. Using resources like Facebook advertising and Google Marketing; you’ll be able to see what demographics are interested in the product. Not only will these services tell you a lot about the users seeing the advertising but it will also generate some traffic to the website – giving more data through Google Analytics and Search Console.

Create a plan and budget

Now that there is data coming in and you have started to discover who the target audience is; it’s time to create a marketing plan and an appropriate budget. Invest more money into the paid campaigns but keep an eye on the spending; putting a lot of money in won’t guarantee a high return on investment. Make a plan for the next 3-6 months of what you want to see happen and how much money you can invest each month. This prediction should be based off the data generated by the social media and Google marketing campaigns – be realistic and confident with what you plan to do.

It’s important to keep a balance between; time spent marketing, money invested in marketing and the outcomes you’re expecting to see. If things aren’t going to plan and the advertising isn’t working; adapt and change. Always pay attention to how you’re spending your money on advertising; if something isn’t returning a high enough investment to justify the cost then it’s crucial to reinvest that money into a new channel or adapt the the strategy to make it work.

Once you’ve reached the end of the 3-6 month plan; review how it performed compared to the targets you set. Learn from it and draw up plans for the next 6 months, create some fresh ideas and using the starting point of the past campaign try to achieve more. Remember that all the time you’re marketing and the website is live, you’ll be collecting data!

Local SEO website changes

Ensuring that the website meets the best standards for SEO and particularly for Local SEO can be time consuming and if you don’t know your way around the website it’ll prove to be difficult. However, once you know what works the website can start appearing in search results that best suit the business. Once you’ve obtained a strong presence online and users are regularly visiting the website and converting into sales you’ll need to maintain the website and ensure it means the latest best practices.

Finally, it is important to track and measure every step of the way; know what has worked and what has failed – as long as you have learnt from the process the time and money invested in it won’t have been wasted.

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