This April is the 2018 London Marathon and our very own Matt Chambers is running this year in sponsorship of the Rockinghorse Charity. Matt has been training for months; long distance running and resistance training to get his body in the shape it needs to be in to make this 26.2 mile run. Matt benefits from the support of his local community and businesses. His local business contacts have given generously to support his run and the Rockinghorse Charity.

Matt has previously run in the 2014 London Marathon; going into it with a bright and eager outlook. Now Matt has a few more experiences with Marathons he’s a little wiser to the struggle the body goes through, despite this he returns with his trademark confidence and eagerness Matt takes into every venture.

“Well that’s it, breakfast done, kit on and greased up!… Now time to catch the boat to the start line and join the other 34,999 people running the 2014 London Marathon!!”

Matt on Facebook 2014

The London Marathon

The London Marathon was originally created by Chris Brasher and John Disley; set around the Thames, the first run being on 29th March 1981. Since 2010 the marathon has been sponsored by Virgin Money; originally signed in 2008 and renewed in 2013. Being one of the international marathons, the London Marathon is a huge charity event – raising almost half a billion pounds since its creation.

The London Marathon Route

Something that isn’t too surprising about running a marathon is that it is tough on the human body! There are several effects that the marathon will have on the body; muscle issues and cramping, heart and lung problems, short-term kidney issues, keeping the body hydrated and potential for so many more problems. In Matt’s 2014 run he developed pneumonia and shortly after the high of completing the gruelling run, Matt quickly learnt of the damages the marathon can do to your body.

Rockinghorse Charity

“Rockinghorse is a Brighton-based charity that has been supporting children for over 50 years. It was set up in 1967 by Dr Trevor Mann, who recognised there was a real need for additional resources to improve healthcare services for sick children and babes.”

The Rockinghorse Charity

Rockinghorse is the official charity for the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital – their aim is to raise money for cutting-edge and life-saving medical technology and equipment to ensure that the needs of the children are met, both medically and environmentally. Supported exclusively by donations (no government funding) the Rockinghorse charity also fundraises for the Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) in the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

Last year was the 50th anniversary of Rockinghorse and there were a number of projects that they campaigned for.

“Our 50th year welcomed the launch of our Sussex Giving for Sussex Children appeal, where, thanks to your incredible support, we raised £500,000 worth of funding that has been split between 10 children’s centres and paediatric services in Sussex”

Matt’s Goal

This year Matt is aiming to raise £3000 for Rockinghorse and needs your help to do so. The cause couldn’t be more worthy and the challenge for Matt will be great. Give what you can to support Matt and the great team at the Rockinghorse to help them improve the lives of sick children across Sussex.

Support Matt here.