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Having continuous fresh content on your website is a great way of generating traffic, increasing your presence online and even producing a channel of communication with your customers.

So how do you make sure that the content you’re creating is doing the job?

Who are you creating the content for?

Before you even start producing the content you need to ask yourself; who is the target audience? It’s a simple question but an important place to start. Understanding who is going to consume your content will help you decide things like writing style, when to present the content and how you’re going to present it.

Depending on your type of business the target audience can be a variety of people. If you’re aiming your content at industry and business experts a professional and straight to the point attitude would be best to adopt, if you’re creating the content for customers and those who follow you for information and advice then a light hearted and more personal approach is probably going to work best.

Regardless of who you think will be looking at your content you should always try to keep it informative, high quality and as non-bias as possible – you don’t want to be known for causing controversy or upset.


What are you writing about?

Will the content engage your target audience and make them care about what you’re saying? It may sound strange but if the reader doesn’t form a connection to content you’re presenting, they will lose interest. Before you start on a subject make sure you’re well informed and can cite references to back up what you’re saying. If you’re talking about an opinionated topic, maybe a current event, it’s always best to present both sides of the argument and give merit to both opinions.

Talking about a subject you’re passionate about makes the entire process easier for you and your audience will be able to consume the content better. In a perfect scenario your chosen target audience has a similar passion to you and will be effortlessly taken in by the content and will be willing to engage the subject more.

When should you post the content?

This question can have several different meanings; time of day, day of the week, time of year or around upcoming events. Postingat the wrong time can impact the performance of the content, for example; writing about Christmas in July probably isn’t the best plan.

Social media can be a great tool to see when is the best time of day and week to try and engage with your audience. If you have a following online both Facebook and Twitter will be able to tell you when people are looking at your posts. You’ll also be able to track when people are visiting your website the most with Google Analytics. Using these tools and determining these trends will enable you to post at the opportune moment.

During events relating to your business or even large events that you know your audience will know of or even be engaging in is a fantastic opportunity to create content and engage with your audience. That being said; if it’s executed poorly or the content has an unpopular opinion then it may do more harm than good, some subjects are worth staying away from. But you’ll get a better feel for what to talk about over time.

How are you going to present the content?

In this multi-media age there are several options in front of you; text, infographics, videos, podcasts and more. It’s important to determine how your target audience is going to digest the content you’re creating. The why you present your content will relate a lot to who you are presenting it to and what you’re creating.

Recently, videos and podcasts are becoming more popular and people are more likely to watch or listen instead of read. A younger audience or a more on-the-go audience will want to consume content while commuting or in the background while they perform other tasks. Of course you can always present your content for several formats to make it available to a wider audience but that’ll involve spending time and money producing the content for those different formats.

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