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The Google Business page of your business appears on the right-hand-side of the Google search results page on desktop. This feature is nothing new and gives the user the basic details about your business; address, number, website, etc. However, a new feature is the posts that can now be created in your Google Business page. So, what are these posts and what do they do?

The posts will be particularly useful for small businesses as it enables the business to:

  • Share information on promotions and discounts, encouraging engagement with customers.
  • Promote events and services available.
  • Have an additional line of communication with customers directly through Google; giving them a one-click connection to a specific product or service.

These posts will appear in both the standard search result pages as well as the map search result pages.

Creating Google Business Posts

To make a post; login to your Google Business profile (if you don’t know how or can’t, get it touch for help) and on the left-hand-side menu the option for ‘posts’ will be underneath the ‘home’ and above ‘info’. This will take you through to the posts page and give you the option to write a post – looking similar to a social media platform.

Creating the posts is simple enough; 100-300 words, an image and deciding whether you’re making an event or adding a button. Google gives you some examples for inspiration and guidance. You can also preview your post before you publish it and see how the final product will look. The post tile will appear in your business profile on the results pages and on the maps results pages. The posts will expire in seven days so make sure you’re posting on a regular basis and only talking about current activity and products.

Using Google Business Posts

There are a few vital areas of the Google Business posts; the image, the first 100 characters and what’s available. The image of the post needs to be focused on the centre correctly as it gets cropped by Google; the minimum is 250×250, but I’ve found that 750×750 is a great size. The first 100 characters are important because they will be in the preview of the post. It’s your selling point; this space needs to be used for the most engaging and significant information to catch the user’s attention to let them know this is the information they were looking for.

The Future Of Google Posts

Currently the posts are quite limited on what they can do but depending on how successful they are will evolve into something more; using videos, having paid sponsored posts and generally having a larger impact on search features for both the normal result pages and for the map result pages.

As always Google offers a guide on how to use the posts but if you want to know more and want help with your Google Business account and the best way to use the posts for you, give us a call or get in touch with an email.


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