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It gets harder and harder to write a blog that gets noticed. There’s so much competition out there that the days of ‘think of a topic and blog it’ are well gone.

The number of things you need to consider to blog successfully can appear overwhelming but I’ve put together this checklist to help you be the best and ensure nothing is overlooked.

I have accompanied the checklist with quotes from the rather excellent 50 one sentence tips for bloggers on Jeff

Hope it’s useful.

Research, relevance and likely traction

✓ Have you identified the audience for this post?
✓ Can you write in one sentence the goal of this post?
✓ Have you tested the popularity of the theme and ideas using tweets, Buzzsumo or your own Analytics based on previous posts?
✓ Have you identified influencers for referencing and approaching for promotion?

“Imagine your post is an email to one person who represents your main target audience.”

“Don’t start writing until you have a main point.”

“Google wants to give highest search visibility to content that is authoritative, relevant, useful, readable and shareable.”

“Customer FAQs are a treasure trove of topic ideas.”

Writing, converting and optimising

✓ Have you used keywords in your meta title, description and H1?
✓ Have you included compelling CTAs?
✓ Have you quoted from influencers?
✓ Is your writing easy to read?
✓ Is the text broken up by headings, images and/or videos?
✓ Are the images carrying appropriate file names, alt texts and descriptions?
✓ Has someone else proofed your post?
✓ Is the post’s content obvious from its URL?
✓ Does your post contain at least two no-follow external links and at least two internal links to relevant pages?

“Meta title tags, which usually serve as the post’s title as well, should contain important keywords, and clearly and accurately describe the content of the post.”

“Use subtitles to convey core ideas and why they matter to the reader.”

“Informational posts must cite authoritative sources for key data points.”

“Post URLs should display the post title.”

“Black text on a white background provides the highest contrast and best blog post readability.”

Promotion, amplification and analysis

✓ Have you identified how and when you will promote the post on social media?
✓ Will you use content platforms such as Reddit?
✓ Will you use email to promote the post?
✓ Will you use paid promotion (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, AdWords etc.)?
✓ Will you leverage influencers to promote the post?
✓ Will you guest post to promote the post?
✓ Can the post be repurposed as a whitepaper, infographic, book, podcast etc.?
✓ Have you set up ways to measure the success of your post such as downloads, page views, lead generation etc.

“Writing guest posts on relevant and authoritative blogs produces high-quality links to your blog, raising your site’s authority with Google.”

“Community building takes far more time than writing.”

“To build productive business relationships on social media, share other bloggers’ content as well as your own.”

“Inviting high-quality bloggers to post on your blog, and guest blogging on other blogs, are terrific ways to jumpstart community building.”

Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything or if this is useful to you.


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