Creating successful sales emails can be tough going.

We’ve all been there – low open rates, poor clickthroughs and a phone that remains lifeless when we had hoped to put our call handling skills through the ultimate test.

How depressing it is when the email that was supposed to set our sales alight turns out to be just another damp squib.

If you are getting nowhere with your sales emails then maybe it’s time to think again. Here are some really simple ways you can start to approach them differently.

Put the boot on the other foot

Sometimes there are more useful things you can do than test another little change to your email template.

Believe it or not there are more fruitful approaches than just trialling a vibrant red, rather than an insipid blue, call to action button.

And, heretical though it is to say this, you may find you can get better results doing something other than running yet another A/B test to see which subject line works best.

Here’s what you could do instead.

How about thinking through how you respond to sales emails and then comparing it to how you respond to emails from friends?

• Do you often delete sales emails without even reading that carefully written subject line?

o I bet you never do this to emails from friends

• Do you open a sales email but if it doesn’t look immediately useful hit the bin icon?

o I bet you can only think of a handful of annoying friends you would do this to

• Do you rarely interact in any way with a sales email even if you read it?

o I bet most emails from friends receive some sort of acknowledgement from you

Now you have reviewed what you do to sales emails, is it any wonder your own ones do not seem to be producing results?

The big question, of course, is if there is anything you can do about this?

Fortunately, by putting the boot on the other foot you have given yourself the perfect shoe in to a solution.

How to email your ‘list’ as a friend

Here’s how your business could be perceived as a friend rather than someone who emails offers and deals.

1. Always send from a person not a business – preferably the same person

2. Kiss goodbye to all that corporate branding – say hello to KISS (Keep It Simple)

3. Forget the sales talk and write like you speak

4. Never write to a ‘list’ – always write to a person. Your tone should be as if you were addressing just one person, not a ‘list’ of potential leads

5. Use personalisation sparingly – nothing is more creepy than someone you don’t know that well being overly familiar

And here are the most important points…

6. Never send an email unless you genuinely have something to say

7. Start being useful – if the frequency of your emails is determined by your sales targets then they are unlikely to hit the mark.

8. Start emailing hints and tips – useful things your customers need, rather than things you need from them. You’ll find people read things they think will be genuinely rewarding more often than they read things that promise yet another earth-shattering deal.

What do you think?

It’s not that you shouldn’t sell or make offers in emails. That would be crazy!

It’s simply that if you only do this you run the very real risk of your emails being deleted without consideration.

If your emails are often useful they will be opened – and that’s a large part of the battle won.

If you are seen as a friend the door is always half open – and that’s a breath of fresh air!

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