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Brighton Chamber

Case Study

Brighton Chamber are a supportive & welcoming membership organisation aimed at businesses of all sizes. Their purpose is to support their members whilst working with the wider business community to develop beneficial local connections.

Brighton Chamber weren’t sure whether to hire freelancers or an established agency to undertake this build. In the end they chose Madison due to our in-house team offering project security, unparalleled resources and years of shared collaborative experience. We are exceptionally proud to have been chosen to build the Brighton Chamber of Commerce website despite the fact that of the 500 Chamber members, one third are digital agencies like ourselves.

The in-house team here at Madison are trained continuously throughout our careers, and learn from one another constantly. We believe that our collective knowledge and cohesive teamwork won us this job, and we’re extremely thankful to Brighton Chamber for allowing us to showcase our expertise.

3302Website visits on launch day

980Over 1000 new page views per month

We worked closely with the Brighton Chamber team to build a bespoke, dynamic and responsive website which provided an extensive suite of features for both the team and their members.

Reborn graciously dedicated some of their time to the project, and we’re glad to have been able to work with such a professional, talented third party design agency.

See the Brighton Chamber website here.

We built an interactive wireframe, and were able to achieve a polished finished product based on the observations gained via internal testing, focus group analysis, and feedback from members of Brighton Chamber themselves.

Brighton Chamber’s interactive wireframe was built by our dedicated in-house development team using Laravel; a PHP framework which allows for creation of fully bespoke systems ranging from CMS’s, to E-Commerce’s to CRM’s, or all three in combination.

Using WordPress for this build would’ve resulted in a slow, bloated website, but by using Laravel we were able to complete a sleek, refined product featuring perfect optimisation.

3:23Sessions duration raises from 2:21 to 3:23

brilliant team

We’d like to say a big thank you to the brilliant team at Madison Solutions, who’ve worked so hard to get the Brighton Chamber Website built & launched.

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