Duncan Reeds are one of the UK’s leading laminate fabricators with nearly 30 years in the industry, supplying an extensive range of bespoke and ground-breaking products to a variety of industries both nationally and internationally.

We were tasked with creating and implementing a brand-refresh and new website to better emphasise the high quality of work, tradition and ethos of the company across online platforms, stationary, transport livery and signage.

We were invited to one of the warehouses to observe the methods and skills the staff have used for generations and see for ourselves how they combine this with state-of-the-art technology. This consolidated the idea of uniting the traditional with the contemporary.

With this as our inspiration, we wanted to create a meaningful and long-lasting symbol, to represent Duncan Reeds’ identity and become synonymous with the Duncan Reeds brand.

The icon mark symbolises the extensive array of work uniting to form a graphic resembling the laminate and material used. Contrasted with bold modern typography, this consolidates the traditional and contemporary techniques.

We created a white, silver, gold and royal blue colour scheme that brought a classical tone to bold modern graphics. Appling this confidently to the logo mark and typography while using it subtly across photography enhanced the strength of Duncan Reeds’ identity.

Duncan Reeds have a stamp of quality and approval on their products signifying their high standards. We wanted to showcase this across the brand by incorporating the endorsement into a graphic that could be used to show a stamp of approval across all marketing and branding.

Being used cohesively across branded materials and marketing reinforces the company’s high standard and work ethic. Using metallic print and finish on cards, stationery and clothing utilises the rich texture of the gold and silver to enhance the identity message and reinforce the strength of the company.

Printed material has been designed to reflect the company and its ethos. The message is bold, confident and earnest. This is reflected in the style and positioning of the typography, photography, colours, and icon arrangement.

With a fleet of lorries traveling the length and breadth of the country, from their warehouses in Sussex and Manchester, it was imperative that the companies message was clear and on-point.

Having the iconography in a clear prominent position draws attention to the message, and is quite hard to miss on a large surface such as a lorry.

Transitioning the brands imagery, colour scheme, typography, graphics and message of quality into a modern medium needed balance.

Styled imagery came to life via a video illustrating Duncan Reeds employees at work, alongside a bold typographical message.

After quite an extensive selection process we went with Madison because they were easy to communicate with, provided comprehensive concepts, took on board all our notes, comments, ideas and requirements. They ‘got’ us, and exactly what we wanted to achieve. Their no nonsense pricing structure was upfront and honest so we knew from the start what the spend was going to be. Helpful, knowledgeable and efficient, resulting in a great quality end product – very happy.

- Garry Atkins


Managing Director – Duncan Reeds

Understanding the digital audience was important for us to fully showcase the business and achieve a successful interaction.

The brand identity’s core message is maintained through the distinctive editorial style, colours and imagery.

The arrangement of the brand’s assets create an engaging and well balanced digital experience, using contemporary practices of UX design and development.

The printed and digital message is cohesive. Achieved by using the brand identity’s foundation in an innovative manner.

We are confident that the result of this project has the longevity and brand strength to support Duncan Reeds growth, help the manufacturer stand out and be remembered.

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