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Case Study

Established in 1985, NYEs Building Supplies (formerly D.W.Nye Builders Merchant) was looking to update its website to make it easier for customers to navigate and use. Additionally, NYEs wanted the flexibility to make changes to their website as and when they needed to from day one. They approached our web development team with a very specific set of internal system requests for a brand new website.

To meet those exacting specifications and deliver a bespoke website that could easily be accessed by customers and maintained by in-house staff members, we created a custom-made CMS to simplify the process of updating content on the website and ensured that the NYEs team received training that would empower them to make changes on the fly, carry out stocktaking exercises and report on site activity.

NYEs were using an ERP system called ‘Merlin’ to manage their orders, inventory, pricing and customer details. We designed their new website from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated with Merlin: Products details, stock levels and pricing shown on the site come directly from Merlin. Orders placed on the website are pushed directly into Merlin. Customers can view their order history from Merlin on the website – regardless of whether they ordered online or in-store. The result is that the website is always up-to-date, and NYEs no longer waste any time copying data from the ERP to the website or vice-versa.

DeliverablesDigital Design - E-commerce - UI / UX - Web Development


4339Products integrated with back-end system

0More monthly users

As with all of our projects, the NYEs website build started with in-depth research into the brand, the customers, the customer journey and the industry landscape. Keeping key demographic information in mind, our team created and tested a fully bespoke interface that could better funnel potential customers into relevant sections of the website, thereby pushing conversions.

On certain pages within the website, user-triggered interactions were set up to prompt a targeted experience for end users, and when combined with proper page architecture, these experiences create a cohesive sales pathway for customers to follow. Additionally, to ensure that the website accurately reflects actual real-time stock levels, we completed work on the creation and integration of a complicated Merlin system used by the client for stocktaking. Our team also created a bespoke membership system, and we created a customised selection of reporting tools specifically designed to allow the administrative team at NYEs to create customised reports based on digital activities.

The combination of a website designed with the sales funnel in mind plus an in-built, bespoke CMS and specialised training sessions have made it possible for staff at NYEs to quickly and easily swap out products and services without the need for outside assistance from a web developer. Ease of use for both end users and administrators of the site was a primary concern, and we’re proud to have achieved that with NYEs.

33Average page load speed increase

Madison delivered on their promises

The Madison team delivered on their promises; providing us with exactly the results we were hoping for whilst maintaining an air of enthusiasm and professionalism throughout. The addition of a bespoke content management system (CMS) makes adding and removing products a simple task, and the training provided got us right up to speed in no time.

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