Definitive Security acts as a trusted supplier to the security industry, using the motto ‘We don’t just work for you, we work with you.’

The trust and respect the company projects needed to be reflected in the branding. The goal was to produce an identity which conveyed their friendly and trusted management, whilst underlining their important role and responsibility in the security service industry.

The chosen typeface face portrays the company’s professionalism. By using a mix of font weights, we could emphasise different aspects of the company.

The bold portion of the name represented the steadfast role a crowd & risk management team needs to provide, whilst the light weight font of ‘Security’ reflected the approachable and supportive role that manned guarding must fulfil.

Much like the title reflected both sides of manned security, the same had to be instantly conveyed in the company’s logo.

The idea of a shield was suggested at the beginning, and by having the shield shape made up from figures, it allowed us to keep the human element and reassurance in the branding.

Marketing materials, stationary and the extended brand are displayed in a competitive environment. This meant everything needed to be clean, recognisable and visually strong while conveying a distinct message.

Combining a bold typographical message with contemporary imagery, showing Definitive employees at work, ensures the company stands out against rivals.

The process we have used to create an impactful brand, results in a set of guidelines that can be followed and applied to all materials.

For a growing business, where impressive marketing materials to engage with potential clients is vital, this set of guidelines is invaluable.

A large part of Definitive Security’s brand awareness comes from their online presence.

It was essential to depict their clean, contemporary and bold personality online. The look and feel of their website emulates a brochure and suits its corporate environment, while consistent online marketing is engaging and steady.

We are confident that the result of this project has the longevity and brand strength to support Definitive Security’s ongoing growth and aid towards commercial success.

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